Tuesday, September 18, 2012

someday, somewhere, someone.. i just don't know.. kan? you too

assalamualaikum dan salam sayang.

i told ya, i'd said to my mum, "i wanna marry after graduating."
guess what did she said?

"same goes to your lil sister. okeyhhh. i like! but tell your brother or ask him to marry as well. or the best is three of you marry together! the more the merrier. vaaaaaaaaaaahhhh."

my jaw dropping.

that was a few months ago. while i just dream he'll approach my parents. plan for our future. get halal relationship. just a dream. and now it's over!

absolutely, i won't dream him anymore! ya, after he'd provoking me and his jealousy over limit. arghhhhh. annoying me. and my mum too.

then, i just know...... 'he' will come! someday, somewhere, someone.. i just don't know..

and if 'you' know me, just tell me! tell me, you're my MR RIGHT!

p/s: oh angin malam!


Unknown said...

betul jgn give up cr mr right nye oke

Evagurl said...

He will come, he'll find u.

That's the promise from Almighty :)

YouSOF said...

Kita semua pun tak tahu dengan siapa jodoh kita.. Semoga dipertumakan jodoh dengan insan yang baik insyaAllah.

Dalam jalan serentah tiga beradik, meriah dan kecoh! ;D

LM said...

bertemu jodoh nnt jgn lupa ajak akak ye. usaha mencari yg terbaik itu perlu

shameel Iskandar said...

Jodoh lepas graduate or sebelum semuanya rahsia Allah..


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